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According to Gallup,
40% of Americans identify themselves as regular church attendees.

Christian Consumers

Who are they? In her book: The Christian Consumer: Living Faithfully in a Fragile World, the author Laura Hartman suggests four major distinctives that drive buying decisions:

⦁ Avoid sin.
⦁ Embrace creation.
⦁ Love thy neighbor.
⦁ Envision the future.

She calls these "habits of thought". They are in fact, long term decisions which over time become "habits of action". They are deliberate loyalists.Their spending tends to be less frivolous and impulsive because of their faith. Keep in mind 'Faith' based on the original Greek text is 'Pistis', an action verb.

In other words,
"Faith is not what you believe, it is what you do with what you believe".
Sadly, in modern English, faith has become a noun. "What faith are you?" or on a lighter note, "Keep the faith baby". Nonetheless, in mainstream Christianity today, believers are still taught a very basic tennent of the Christian faith:

"It all belongs to God, we are simply stewards of His wealth and grace'.
It is this sense of duty 'to be a good steward' that helps determine where Christian consumers will spend over 45 Trillion in the next 12 months. This makes the average aquisition cost of a Christian Consumer - Priceless.

Let Your Tribe Find You / The CT Global Way

Does your company or non-profit offer a Product, Service, or Message relevant to the Christian Comunity? While WWJD bracelets are popular and who doesn't look good in a "He Got Nailed For Me" t-shirt, Christian consumers are people too. Yes, they do purchase a lot of Bibles which makes the Good Book the #1 Best Seller of all time. However, they also purchase music, tires, toilet paper, winter coats, computers, hammers, french perfume and long-johns.

With few exceptions, their Grocery Basket, Santa Letter, and Bucket Lists, look quite similar to those of the Atheist, the School-Yard Bully, even those who Take A Knee. There is a difference though. The buying decisions of a Christian Consumer are very much influenced by more than just the quality of goods, the distance to the store, or even who has the lowest price point.

This beautiful hive mind shares more than moral fiber and judeo-christian values, at the very core of the tribe is a shared belief system of Christianity has been in place over 2,000 years. More importantly, these character traits have not only stood the test of time, but continue to flourish, thrive and expand in the process. One third (1/3) of American Consumers (150 million), are self-professed Christians. Globally, the number rises to 2.4 billion.

Are you beginnning to see that not all consumers are created equal? CT Global Media is uniquely positioned to present your product, service, or message to the Global Christian Community. Imagine tripling your current advertising budget without allocating additional dollars. If your offer resonates in this comunity of thoughtful buyers, why waste time and treasure trying to reach the 2/3 who may have already tuned you out? It's just not possible to be the closest or chepaest all the time.

Don't waste 2/3 of your advertising budget in an attempt to reach those who may have already tuned you out. Focus on those most liklely to respond. Regardless of your company or organization's size, Faith Based Marketing with CT Global can help you reach an expansive audience of Christian Consumers who have combined purchaing power worldwide of $5.1 trillion annualy.

Your Tribe - People or Labels?

Conventional Madison Ave. advertising and marketing firms still employ an archaic approach designed to help identify your target consumer. For lack of a better term this practice is simply wrong. You are handed a form with lots of little boxes to tick. Each box carries a "demographic" label allowing you to slice and dice your way to the “perfect client or customer”.

Have a look at the form below filled with standard questions regarding Age, Education, Income, Marital Status etc.. We have all been lead to believe this magic sauce will increase brand identity and send sales skyrocketing.

This divisive method does not build a tribe, but it can easily destroy one. The very fabric of society is like minded people, naturally drawn together despite Age, Gender, or Socioeconomic Status. These are people who already share a similar or parralell belief system. Their morals and values are closely aligned. They tend to think alike, act alike, and are quick to share anything that the pack may find of interest.

This was clearly exhibited in the last Presidential campaign. No matter which candidate you supported or political party you clung to, as cameras panned across the tribe at rallies and debates you saw a very diverse audience. Young and old, male and female, rich, middle class, even the poor. A group of people who define themsleves based on common interests and concerns, without the need for demographic labels which are considered the Holy Grail of advertising.

Do you know people who would fit into the various categories on the form? Of course, but would they identify themselves with the same labels?

Large sums of money are spent to segregate, isolate and pigeon hole individuals who have already identified themselves with their own choices and actions. Our goal is to build your Tribe, not destroy it.

Take one last look at the form. You won't find any groups on Facebbook with these names. You will however, find groups with names like Art Lovers, Sailing, Cardinal Fan and yes Christian, even Christianity. These groups represent people who are passionate about doing life with others who they share common interests with. Not all are 18-25. Some are wealthy and some are not. Some went to college, others dropped out. The key however, is a group of people who meet regularly, talk, dream, plan, and share ideas, products and services they believe will be of interest to all members of the group.

CT Global opens a door for you into a segment of society that has been overlooked and underserved for far too long. A community 2.4 billion strong with annual spending power of $5.2 trillion. Your tribe is out there, waiting. Let CT Global help them, find you (not the other old-fashioned way). Let us prepare a custom, no cost, marketing and advertising solution built from the ground up, just for you.
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